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Who is the best laser eye surgery provider in London?

“Laser eye surgery is the most frequently performed elective treatment in the world and many clinics open each year in London. How do you choose the right one for you? In this guide we’ll explore what makes a good provider, helping you find the best treatment at an affordable price.”

I’ve noticed that there are quite a few laser eye surgery clinics in London. Can you give any advice on how to choose the best one for me?


There are many points to consider when choosing a clinic and ensuring it’s the right one for you. From speaking to patients, clinics and surgeons we’ve compiled the following advice on several factors you may want to think about.

Popular laser eye surgery providers

With many reputable laser eye clinics in London all offering what appear to be very similar services and boasting the same benefits, it can be difficult to decide whom to choose.

When beginning your research into which eye clinic in London would be the best for you, it is important to speak to the professionals at the clinics which you are initially most attracted to. Some of the more popular candidates for laser surgery are:

  • The London Vision Clinic: Claims to lead the field in surgeon training, research and patient care
  • Moorfields Eye Hospital: One of the world’s leading destinations for specialist eye surgery.
  • Moorfields Private: The private division of Moorfields Eye Hospital
  • Ultralase: The first laser eye surgery clinic in London; located on Harley Street.
  • Focus Clinics: Also on Harley Street, Focus Clinics feature state-of-the-art technology and a 100% success rate.
  • Optical Express: A well-known and respected brand for eye care and surgery
  • Optimax: A popular choice in London and nationwide for laser eye surgery

Remember to Research

There are many important considerations to take into account when choosing a clinic for LASIK or LASEK laser eye surgery, check that they provide:

  • Testimonials and contact details from current patients
  • Qualified surgeons (from medical authorities such as Royal College of Ophthalmologists or the Royal College of Surgeons)
  • Up-to-date information on the latest procedures and research
  • Answers to your concerns and explanations of each step of your surgery; from the first consultation to the last check up
  • Verifiable statistics (the number of laser eye operations the surgeon has performed and their success rate), particularly with patients who have eye prescriptions similar to your own.
  • Aftercare services and investment into the continuing health of their patients

On this basis, you may find it helpful to write a list of questions you would like to ask. In this way you will be able to fully understand each clinic’s approach to each stage of the treatment. Examples of commonly asked questions are:

  • What are the risks involved with the procedure?
  • What time-scale will you be looking at for recovery?
  • What aftercare will be necessary?
  • What are the costs associated with the operation and aftercare?

Do not be afraid to share your fears with your specialist; all patients deserve the very best in care and part of this involves the security of understanding what will happen to you during and after surgery.

The Harley Street laser eye surgery clinics

Situated just behind Regent’s Park, Harley Street has been synonymous with quality medical care at the highest standards for centuries. A private medical practitioner with premises on Harley Street is automatically expected to maintain the area’s prestigious reputation.

Examples of prestigious clinics on Harley Street are:

  • AVC (Advanced Vision Care)
  • London Vision Clinic
  • LondonOC (London Ophthalmology Centre)
  • London Eye Hospital

Each of the Harley Street clinics commands a fee for laser eye treatment aligned with the location with costs per eye ranging from around £1,300 to more than £3,000 depending on the nature of the procedure.

Booking a Consultation

After choosing a potential clinic, the next step is to book a consultation. A consultation is easy to book and is often provided free of charge. This is an exciting opportunity for you to understand more about the clinic . Typically, the consultation is a chance to:

  • Meet the team and familiarise yourself with the facilities
  • Confirm you are a suitable candidate through eye examinations
  • Discuss on the health of your eyes and your lifestyle
  • Explain of the different types of surgery and their effects
  • Indicate what to expect during your surgery and afterwards

London has many excellent clinics offering LASIK (Laser-Assisted in situ Keratomileusis) and once you have made the decision to progress to surgery, you will have an extremely comprehensive choice of destinations open to you.


When choosing which clinic is best suited to your needs, it is important to do your research; ask questions, read reviews and make an appointment for a consultation. Talking with experienced professionals is the only sure way of feeling confident that you are a suitable candidate for LASIK or LASEK laser eye surgery and that your chosen clinic can offer you the best possible results.

Talk to people who have undergone laser eye surgery within London and the UK and find out about their experiences, write a list of pertinent questions which your surgeon will be able to answer and enable you to make your final choice with a greater degree of confidence.

Levels of care within London laser eye surgery clinics are generally excellent and although prices may vary, you can usually feel confident that your eye health is in good hands and that the results of your laser eye surgery are everything you hope for.

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