Formed in London in the year 2000, Accuvision’s goal has been to set the standards for safe, affordable and state-of-the-art laser eye surgery in the UK with an emphasis on providing the best possible patient experience and aftercare.

The History Of Accuvision

Accuvision’s first eye care clinic was set up in London by Mr Daryus Panthakey, an optometrist with more than thirty years’ experience and one of the few people in the world who has taken an active hands-on role in the development and advancement of laser eye surgery technology and diagnostic equipment.

This intimate involvement in the design and evolution of new laser eye surgery applications and in training surgeons to apply the latest and most effective techniques in laser eye surgery has enabled Accuvision to recruit and develop a highly skilled and experienced team of clinical personnel who have been part of every procedure from the day the clinic opened. It is a comfort to patients that they are amongst such and experienced team when they do decide on surgery with Accuvision.

Latest Equipment

Accuvision’s pedigree doesn’t end with highly qualified, experienced and trained surgeons. They also employ the very latest laser eye surgery equipment in their three dedicated laser eye surgery clinics based in London, Leeds and Birmingham.

Accuvision was the first company in the UK to utilise Wavefront laser eye surgery technology. Today Accuvision uses the latest and most advanced Wavefront equipment available, which not only reduces the overall duration of the laser eye surgery procedure by between 15% and 20% per eye but also offers the highest degree of surgical precision, patient safety and positive clinical outcome. As a result, Accuvision can boast enviable success rates for its laser eye surgery across a wide range of prescriptions including those that other laser eye surgery clinics do not have the expertise or technology to be able to treat effectively.

State-Of-The-Art Wavefront Analysis

The key to assessing whether or not a prospective patient is suitable for Accuvision laser eye surgery is the initial consultation and diagnosis. Accuvision will undertake rigorous diagnostic testing and perform eye scans to determine the condition of each eye to be treated and will then use a state-of-the-art Wavefront Analyser to produce a detailed three-dimensional map of the eye. This is the technology which enables Accuvision to perform laser eye surgery with the utmost accuracy on prescriptions that other clinics might deem untreatable. Accuvision’s laser eye surgery consultations are comprehensive, thorough and free of charge and provide the perfect opportunity for prospective patients to obtain all of the information and answers they need to make an informed decision as to whether or not they wish to proceed with laser eye surgery.

Post Surgery Aftercare

Patients that do choose Accuvision for their laser eye surgery can expect a level of care and support tailored to their own specific needs and circumstances, and Accuvision provides lifelong post-surgery aftercare as standard. Unlike competitive high-street laser surgery clinics Accuvision bases the price for its laser eye surgery on each individual case thus it does not advertise prices that turn out to be unrealistic but does endeavour to provide the best value for money.