The Clinic in the Heart of London

Advanced Vision Care (AVC) is located in Central London. Its clinic is at the heart of Harley Street, a street which has long been considered to be London’s centre for medical excellence. Under the leadership of its founder and internationally renowned refractive surgeon, Mr CT Pillai, AVC enjoys total independence from any lens or laser companies. This means they have no obligation to use any particular technology or product except those which are determined to be the best option for each patient’s unique requirements.

As all eye surgery procedures are performed from the Harley Street clinic, free luxury hotel accommodation is offered for patients travelling from outside of London. Then, to prevent further expensive trips to London, the company call upon their nationwide network of optometrist partners to provide the necessary aftercare regardless of where in the UK the patient lives.

On the day of the surgery, patients are encouraged to bring along a companion for support, and they can watch over the procedure from a safe distance thanks to AVC’s clear glass operating theatre.

Bespoke Service and Treatment

Advanced Vision Care performs a broad spectrum of vision correction treatments, both laser and non-laser. They aim to provide a tailored solution to meet individual needs right through from diagnosis and treatment to aftercare. They can also take on some of the most complex visual problems that other clinics cannot provide treatment for.

Laser Eye Treatments

LASIK is a popular process that doesn’t require any incisions.

LASEK is an alternative to LASIK for patients whose prescriptions prevent them from choosing this option.

Supracor corrects long and short sightedness in patients who need reading glasses.

Non-Laser Eye Treatments

Implantable Contact Lenses (ICL) for those with conditions which make them unsuitable candidates for laser-based treatments.

Clear Lens Exchange (CLE) replaces the eye’s lens with an artificial one, and is offered as a solution for short and long sightedness and an age-related need to wear reading glasses.

Keratoconus, Cross-Linking & INTACS to halt or reverse the eye disease Keratoconus.

Piggy-Back Intraocular Lenses for extreme long and short sightedness and astigmatism.

Key Surgeons at Advanced Vision Care

Mr CT Pillai, MD DO, FRCS (Edin), FRCOpth (UK)

The Founder and Medical Director of Advanced Vision Care, Mr Pillai personally administers all laser eye surgery procedures and continuity of care at AVC. He has over 25 years of ophthalmic experience acquired through his work in the UK, USA and India. Mr Pillai was an NHS consultant for 5 years before establishing the company.

Mr Pillai’s research in areas such as corneal vascularisation and other eye disorders and treatments has directly contributed towards the development of techniques in ophthalmic medicine. His surgical skills have also been featured in a number of specialist journals.

Dr Goran Helgason, MD

With over 25 years of laser eye surgery experience, Dr Goran Helgason was one of the first surgeons in the world to perform STAAR surgical ICL treatment. His ground-breaking research into ICL and his specialist skills in Multifocal Clear Lens Exchange, ICL and cataract surgery have established him as a leading authority on these procedures. Indeed, in 2004, Dr Helgason personally underwent ICL treatment in both eyes. His acquired knowledge has seen him gain worldwide recognition as a course instructor for Implantable Contact Lens surgery and technology.

Professor Martin Filipec, MD, CSc

Professor Martin Filipec is a leading ophthalmologist in his native Czech Republic where he returned after qualifying as a professor at Harvard to establish the country’s first private eye hospital, the Lexum Eye Hospital. Professor Filipec has an international reputation built on more than 25 years experience in laser eye surgery. His extensive knowledge of eye microsurgery, corneal transplants, cataract and laser surgery has put him in great demand as a trainer across Eastern Europe and Afghanistan.

In addition to his work at Advanced Vision Care, Professor Filipec is also employed as Chief Medical Director of the Lexum Eye Hospital Group which now has 20 clinics across Eastern Europe.

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