If your optician has diagnosed you with Astigmatism then you will probably have wondered about the possibilities of laser eye surgery to help you dispense with the need for glasses. The good news is that laser eye surgery is a valid choice in the treatment of Astigmatism and many clinics offer competitive prices for surgery. Recovery times are fast and the success rates of this type of surgery are high.

Understanding Astigmatism

In order to make an informed choice, it is important that patients understand what Astigmatism is; Astigmatism is a commonly found disorder of the eye where the shape of the cornea (outer lens) is not spherical like a ball but is elongated in a similar way to a rugby ball. This results in light being unable to enter the eye in the proper fashion and so sight is distorted and split into two points of focus. The result is that sufferers may have some difficulty seeing close-up as well as distance.

What are the Chances of Improvement?

The laser surgery for correcting Astigmatism is slightly more complicated than that for treating ordinary short or long–sightedness but still has a very high success rate. The technique for laser Astigmatism correction is almost fail-safe and a good clinic will explain exactly the procedure which you are to undergo as well as any accompanying risks. In brief, the laser sends pulses of light into the eye which can reshape the cornea with extreme precision and results in a cornea which is the proper ball shape rather than the distorted oval shape which is seen in Astigmatism.

Is Laser Eye Surgery Expensive?

Prices for laser eye surgery to correct Astigmatism can vary from clinic to clinic with many offering finance plans in order to enable patients to spread the cost of their surgery. LASIK and LASEK laser eye surgery prices usually begin at around £395.00 per eye and Wavefront LASIK and LASEK at around £795.00 per eye. Spreading the cost of the procedure can help many people to benefit from this surgery whilst not breaking the bank at the same time! Most clinics have a comprehensive price-guide available on their websites with explanations of any finance plans available; if you would like to ask more in-depth questions then it is a good idea to call a clinic directly as they are usually able to arrange for a consultation which will help to give a cleared idea as to the price of your surgery. Shop around and read customer reviews, browse through websites and learn about the surgeons who perform laser eye surgery, knowledge is power and the more you can find out about laser eye surgery, the better equipped you will be to find the right clinic for your needs.

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