Finding The Perfect Laser Eye Clinic?

The prospect of long term freedom from wearing glasses or contact lenses to be obtained by a quick, simple and comparatively pain free laser eye surgery procedure is an irresistible temptation for many people with a minor to moderate eyesight problems.

As laser eye surgery treatment centres and clinics have grown in popularity and number, consumers seeking laser eye surgery are presented with a choice of options as to where to obtain treatment. Deciding whether laser eye surgery should be undertaken by a private clinic, a commercial laser eye treatment provider or even the specialist eye unit of a hospital is decision that is frequently based upon the cost of the laser eye surgery treatment.

Why Does The Cost Of Laser Eye Surgery Vary?

The average costs of laser eye surgery treatment depend upon a variety of factors, such as the choice of laser eye treatment provider, the eye condition that needs to be treated, the type of procedure itself (PRK, LASIK and LASEK are generally priced differently) and even whether or not there are any promotional offers available at the time laser eye surgery is sought.

Whilst your choice of laser eye surgery treatment provider should not be dictated by cost alone, it can be helpful to begin with an idea of the average costs of laser eye surgery treatment.

On Average, What’s The Cost Of Laser Eye Surgery?

The variables mentioned above make it difficult to provide definitive average costs of laser eye treatment. Therefore, the following prices are intended as guidelines only. Bear in mind that not all laser surgery eye treatment providers will include the cost of an initial consultation in their overall fee. This consultation alone can cost between £50 and £100.

Another point to remember is that laser eye surgery treatments costs are usually (but not always) quoted on a per eye basis, therefore if both eyes require treatment the overall cost will be doubled.

Advertisements for sub-£400 laser eye treatments should be treated with caution. Whilst this price may be applicable to those with the commonest and most easily corrected conditions, the cost will increase in accordance with the amount of visual correction required.

Standard LASIK laser eye treatments range in price from around £400 to £1500 per eye. Newer LASIK technologies such as LASIK Wavefront , which accurately and precisely maps the eye’s cornea prior to the operation, can cost anywhere from £1,500 to £2,000 per eye.

Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK), the first form of laser eye surgery to be developed, costs in the region of £700 to £1000 per eye treated.

Two slightly modified variations of PRK are also available. These are LASEK (not to be confused with LASIK), and Epi-LASEK. Which treatment is used depends upon the individual requirements of the patient, but LASEK and Epi-LASEK costs range roughly from £500 to £1,300 per eye.