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“There are many laser surgery clinics in the UK and choosing the best one can be quite daunting. Here’s our list of the top clinics in the country, along with good advice on how to find the clinic that will best suit your needs. “

How do you choose the best laser eye clinic?

Laser eye surgery has grown exponentially in popularity over the last 20 years. As a result, hundreds of laser eye surgery clinics have sprung up across the UK. These days, virtually every city and major town has a clinic that claims to offer the very latest and best techniques in laser eye surgery.

So here’s the burning question: Which clinic do you choose? After all, you will be entrusting it with the well-being of your eyesight, a responsibility that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

To help focus your search, we have compiled the top UK laser eye surgery clinics, along with some tips to help you find the best one that will suit your needs.

What makes a good laser eye surgery clinic?

Here’s a list of things you should consider when looking for the best laser eye surgery clinic that will cater to your needs:

1. A clinic is only as good as its surgeon

No matter how fancy the clinic appears to be, the most important factory you should look at is the ability of the eye surgeon or ophthalmologist who will carry out the procedure. You should look for qualifications, experience, professionalism, commitment and positive reviews.

For a more in-depth look at what you should look for in your surgeon, please read ‘The Best UK LASIK Laser Eye Surgeons’.

2. They will use the newest technology

Laser eye surgery is a constantly improving field—new methods and instruments are being developed all the time to ensure more successful results. Reputable clinics keep abreast of these developments and quickly integrate them into their practice in order to offer better services to their patients.

3. A good clinic gets consistently positive reviews from its patients

Patient reviews are a great way to get the insider information on how good a particular clinic or surgeon is. Reviews can also build up your confidence in the procedure you’re about to undergo and give you a realistic idea of what to expect during and after the operation. There are plenty of review sites on the internet where you can read unbiased first-hand accounts from impartial customers.

4. They will explain to you your procedure and how much it will actually cost you

The price of laser eye surgery depends upon a number of factors. Prices vary from clinic to clinic, but will also be affected by the strength of your prescription and any additional eyesight issues you may have.

For a more detailed look at costs, please read our article, ‘How Much Is Laser Eye Surgery? Our 2012 Guide‘.

Our top 3 laser eye surgery clinics

Over two-thirds of the laser eye surgery clinics in the UK are part of the major chains. There’s no doubt that a private clinic will offer a more individual and attentive service than a high street chain, but you will have to pay extra for the privilege.

The fact is that there are quite a number of excellent laser eye surgery clinics in the country today. To help you decide, we have compiled the top three clinics which have received the greatest number of positive reviews from their patients. The ratings and prices were taken from the Lasik Eyes website.

1. Moorfields Eye Hospital-Private

Considered the world’s leading centre for eye treatment, Moorfields is also one of the leading providers of refractive laser eye surgery in London. For almost 20 years, Moorfields Private has offered extensive treatment options for laser eye surgery. It is home to some of the world’s most qualified, experienced and leading eye specialists.

Location Types of technology offered Patient reviews Average Rating Average Cost

LASIK / Wavefront
Lasers used:
Bausch & Lomb Technolas Zyoptix 100
AMO Star 4IR Excimer Laser
AMO Intralase FS Femtosecond Laser
150+ 4.85 £3,670

2. Accuvision Laser Eye Clinics

The best laser eye clinics in the UK

Accuvision offers Accuwave™ treatment and a Lifetime Care commitment. Its clinical team led by Mr Chad Rostron, FRCS uses the latest in vision correction technology and has introduced new and better treatments for impaired vision, including lazy eyes (amblyopia) and ‘all laser’ trans-epithelial LASIK vision correction using the very latest advanced laser systems.

Location Types of technology offered Patient reviews Average Rating Average Cost
Wavelight Laser
700+ 5.00 £3,670

3. Centre for Sight

All consultations at the Centre for Sight are performed by ophthalmic surgeons who are trained fellows in Cornea, Anterior Segment and Refractive Surgery.
Centre for Sight clinics offer Intralase or bladeless LASIK and use the Bausch and Lomb Z100 laser to reshape the cornea.

Location Types of technology offered Patient reviews Average Rating Average Cost
East Sussex
Intralase (bladeless) LASIK
Laser used:
Bausch and Lomb Technolas Z100
500+ 5.00 £2,380

Our conclusion

Deciding to undergo laser eye surgery is not a decision which you should take lightly. It thus stands to reason that you will want to ensure that your eyes are operated on by the best clinic and the very best surgeons available to you. Opting to have laser eye surgery comes at a price and this is why it is so important to research all of the available options.