I have astigmatism which has made wearing contact lenses impossible, so I’ve had to wear specs all the time. Someone told me that laser eye surgery could get rid of my astigmatism. Is this true?


Yes, laser eye surgery can cure astigmatism.The procedure, however, is not as straightforward as the correction of long- or short-sightedness due to the irregular (slightly conical) shape of the cornea associated with astigmatism.

The traditional correction of astigmatism is via the use of cylindrical lenses either in spectacles or as contact lenses, but with the technological advancement of laser eye surgery astigmatism may now be rectified using a photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) or LASIK procedure. As with any condition of the eye, the suitability of astigmatism for correction by laser eye surgery will differ for each individual patient, and therefore a full consultation with a laser eye specialist will be necessary to confirm that treatment can proceed.

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