I’m not quite sold yet on the idea of having laser eye surgery done, mainly because all I hear is the good things it could do for me. What I’d like to know is, what sort of complications could I possibly get from having it done? Could I, for instance, go blind if the procedure were to go wrong?


Any type of surgery carries an inherent risk and laser eye surgery is no different. However, since laser eye surgery was introduced in the late 1980s there has not been a single reported case of blindness resulting from laser eye surgery, despite more than 30 million procedures having been performed worldwide.

Complications can arise as a result of laser eye surgery but these are extremely rare—occurring roughly once in every thousand procedures. In nearly every instance these complications may be fully rectified by further treatment with no loss of vision. Estimates place the chances of blindness resulting from laser eye surgery at less than one in 5 million, which means, in context, that you have a greater likelihood of being struck by lightning than you have of losing your eyesight as a consequence of laser eye surgery.

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