I really love the idea of not having to wear my cumbersome eyeglasses anymore by undergoing laser eye surgery. The problem is, I’ve just come out of university and started my first job, so I’m not sure if I can afford to have the procedure. Is there any way I can get finance for it?


Yes, finance is obtainable for laser eye surgery.

Like with any other product or service, it’s advisable to shop around for the best deal when considering laser eye surgery, since the cost per eye for treatment will vary considerably between providers.

Some offer interest-free finance. Ultralase, for example, offers 0% finance if the cost of laser eye surgery is paid within twelve months; Optical Express offers the same facility but requires full payment within ten months.

The majority of laser eye surgery providers, whether well-known high street brands or individual private clinics, offer a range of repayment terms from twelve to sixty months, enabling patients to spread the cost of their treatment. Some, including the London Vision Clinic and Optical Express, will require an initial upfront deposit for treatment, with the balance of the cost to be paid via a finance agreement. Others such as Ultralase do not currently request a deposit.

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