I’ve wanted for a long time to have laser eye surgery done to correct my nearsightedness but a few months ago, I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Can I still undergo laser eye treatment despite this diagnosis?


Your suitability for laser eye surgery would need to be thoroughly assessed by a qualified eye specialist prior to any treatment.

Any risks associated with laser eye surgery are heightened in diabetes sufferers. The presence of high blood glucose typical in some forms of diabetes is known to weaken the eyes’ corneal structure, making it easier to damage and slower to heal. Diabetes can also affect the production of tears, which help combat infection.

Whilst many patients with diabetes have received successful laser eye surgery, many factors affect a diabetic person’s suitability for treatment. The length of time that you have been suffering from diabetes, the degree to which your blood sugar levels can be successfully stabilised and the presence of any pre-existing complications will all determine your suitability. Even if you are assessed as suitable for laser eye surgery you must be fully aware of the risks and satisfied that these are sufficiently outweighed by the benefits.

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