Someone told me that sometimes, even after laser eye surgery, a person’s eyesight can still deteriorate after a few years. What could I do if this happened to me? Could I have another laser procedure?


Yes, in the majority of cases laser eye surgery can be repeated if necessary. In the unlikely event of complications arising from initial treatment, further laser eye surgery will be recommended following a suitable recovery period and will, in nearly all cases, rectify the complication with no loss of vision.

Is Laser Eye Surgery Permanent?

Where a patient has had laser eye surgery and finds that their vision has naturally altered a number of years later, an ‘enhancement’ may be performed. A patient’s suitability for an enhancement will depend upon the sufficiency of corneal tissue to withstand further laser eye surgery, how well the original surgery has healed and the length of time for which the patient’s vision has remained suitable. As with any laser eye surgery a full consultation and assessment with a qualified professional will be necessary before treatment can be repeated.

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