I have been wearing prescription glasses for many years now and would like to have laser eye surgery done. The problem is, having looked at how much the procedure could cost, I don’t think I can ever afford to pay for it! Is there any way I could get it done on credit and just pay for it in monthly installments?


Yes, the majority of laser eye surgery providers have facilities in place to spread the cost of payment and allow you to pay monthly for laser eye surgery.

The amount you pay each month will be dictated by the price of treatment per eye and by the duration of your repayment agreement with your chosen laser eye surgery provider. Repayment terms vary between providers, in some cases (e.g., Optical Express) allowing monthly payments for laser eye surgery to be made for up to five years. Spreading the cost in this way could mean that a standard LASIK procedure will cost as little as £5.00 per eye per month to repay.

Depending on the overall cost of your laser eye surgery, you may be required to pay an upfront deposit with the remaining balance payable monthly.

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