Nowadays, LASIK laser eye surgery is the most popular and commonly performed laser eye treatment thanks to its widespread availability and the range of common visual impairments, such as short-sightedness and astigmatism that it can correct.

With so many spectacle and contact-lens wearers in Britain keen to rid themselves of their troublesome eyewear and restore their natural eyesight, comparing prices for LASIK laser eye surgery in the UK has a become something of a must for those wishing to secure the best LASIK laser eye surgery at the most affordable price.

The good news is that with so many different providers offering LASIK laser eye surgery in the UK, competition is fierce. Among the best known providers are companies such as Optimax, Accuvision, Ultralase and Optical Express. Found in or near most of the UK’s larger towns and cities, these LASIK laser eye surgery providers are equipped to cater higher volumes of patients than private clinics or hospitals and can therefore provide LASIK laser eye surgery at a lower cost.

When comparing prices for LASIK laser eye surgery between these types of provider it is worth checking for any current promotional offers or incentives; it’s not unknown for ‘buy one, get one free’ offers to appear from time to time. Signing up for each provider’s email newsletters can be a good way to find out about incentives or promotional deals on LASIK laser eye surgery.

The price, per eye, for LASIK laser eye surgery from these providers starts at around the £400 mark.

Slightly less well publicised is the fact that many UK hospitals have ophthalmology departments with private eye clinics and surgeries at which LASIK laser eye surgery treatments can be obtained. These include the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital, the Aston University Day Hospital in Birmingham and Moorfields Eye Hospital in London.
Benefitting from trained and experienced medical staff and often equipped with the very latest in laser eye surgery technology, prices for LASIK laser eye surgery eye treatment at a UK hospital will cost in the region of £1,200 per eye.

Finally, you might want to include independent and privately owned laser eye clinics when comparing prices for LASIK laser eye surgery in the UK. Often these private surgeries will be based in prestigious locations, such as London’s Harley Street, and offer a level of consultation, service, care and professionalism which warrants the fees they charge for LASIK laser eye surgery treatments. Should you feel that you can only really trust your eyesight to one of these skilled private practitioners you can expect to pay anything for LASIK laser eye treatment from £1,500 per eye.