I’m thinking of having laser eye surgery done. I tend to have dry eyes and I’m a bit concerned that this will become a problem after I’ve had the surgery. Is it normal to get dry eyes after surgery? How long will this last?


You could get dry eyes after your procedure, but this is usually only temporary unless you were already predisposed to dry eyes before you underwent laser eye surgery.

Many of the patients who seek laser eye surgery already suffer from dry eyes which can make wearing contact lenses uncomfortable. However, pre-existing dry eye conditions can often be treated as part of the laser eye surgery process.

The majority of patients who undergo laser eye surgery and who don’t ordinarily suffer from dry eyes will usually experience a mild and temporary period of eye dryness as a result of surgery. They are advised to use lubricating eye drops while recovering from surgery. Dry eyes usually result from procedures which involve the incision of a corneal flap to expose the tissue beneath, i.e., LASIK and LASEK.

If dryness of the eyes is likely to cause a significant problem, you may be recommended for photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) laser eye surgery which reshapes the surface of the cornea to correct vision without the need to create a corneal flap. PRK is generally no less effective than other laser eye surgery techniques but involves a slightly longer recovery time.

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