I have a particularly strong prescription for nearsightedness and astigmatism. I would really love to not have to wear glasses anymore, but I’m worried that because of my prescription, I would have to pay a lot for laser eye surgery. Would I really have to shell out more for surgery if my eyesight is a lot worse than normal?


Many factors will affect the cost of your laser eye surgery, including the precise nature of your visual impairment. Generally speaking, long-sightedness (hyperopia) costs more to rectify than short-sightedness (myopia).

When selecting a laser eye surgery provider it is adviseable to find out its pricing policy. Some providers charge a flat fee per eye based upon the type of procedure required (LASIK, LASEK, IntraLase, WaveFront etc.) whilst others will base their prices on the complexity of the patient’s prescription irrespective of which laser eye surgery procedure is used. In the latter pricing structure, the worse your eyesight is, the more the surgery will cost.

However, your choice of laser eye surgery provider should not be dictated by cost alone. You should also factor in the competence, success rate and level of customer care provided when making your decision.

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