Providing a popular and welcome freedom from the need to wear glasses or contact lenses for people with mild to moderate visual impairments, laser eye surgery clinics have enjoyed a period of growth in the last decade. Almost every major town and city in the UK now hosts a laser eye surgery provider, or has one located nearby.

London in particular has a wealth of laser eye surgery clinics, ranging from the high-end private ophthalmology practices to the well-known high street ‘brands’. Given the available choice it’s worth comparing laser eye surgery clinics in London to see how they differ in their offerings to customers.

The Harley Street laser eye surgery clinics

Harley Street is synonymous with the provision of medical care of the very highest professional standards. A private medical practitioner with premises on Harley Street is automatically expected to maintain the prestigious reputation that has been associated with the location since the late nineteenth century.

There are at least two specialist laser eye surgery clinics in London’s Harley Street. As would be expected, each purports to offer the very highest quality of service from initial consultation through to post laser eye surgery aftercare. And each of the Harley Street clinics commands a fee for laser eye treatment which is commensurate with the exclusivity of the location, with costs per eye ranging from around £1,300 to more than £3,000 depending on the nature of the procedure.

Moorfields Eye Hospital private patient laser eye surgery clinic

Moorfields Eye Hospital, founded in 1805, enjoys a reputation worldwide as a centre of excellence for the treatment and care of eyes and eyesight. Today, Moorfields operates a laser eye surgery clinic for paying private patients. Each of Moorfield’s laser eye surgery consultants has had a minimum of eight years’ training and is a member of the Royal Society of Ophthalmologists. As one of the world’s leading specialist eye hospitals, Moorfields benefits from access to the very latest state-of-the-art laser eye surgery technology.

The quality of its consultants and its impeccable reputation mean that the fees that Moorfields charges per eye for laser eye surgery are roughly equivalent to the prices quoted for the Harley Street Clinics.

The nationally known ‘branded’ laser eye surgery clinics

When comparing laser eye surgery clinics in London it’s necessary to include the popular and well known national ‘brands’ in order to provide balance, and because almost every one of them has a presence in London.

These national brands include laser eye surgery providers such as Optimax, Accuvue and Ultralase amongst others. At this lower end of the laser eye surgery market competition is rife and the budget-conscious Londoner seeking laser eye surgery may benefit from incentives and offers from these competing businesses which could result in fees of around £400 or less per eye for treatment.

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