Laser eye surgery treatments have been with us for more than twenty years, and in that time the techniques, experience, technology and expertise involved have developed and progressed to such an extent that many practitioners can justifiably claim to provide high quality laser eye surgery.
Whilst no surgical procedure can ever be guaranteed 100% risk free, the evolution of high quality laser eye surgery, has resulted in a highly safe, quick and relatively pain free procedure which has restored twenty: twenty vision to hundreds of thousands of people who previously suffered from a range of visual defects.
Such is the popularity of a means to be free from the inconvenience of wearing, maintaining and replacing spectacles and contact lenses that laser eye surgery is now offered by a multitude of different providers nationwide.

Obtaining the best care that you can afford for your eyesight is of the utmost importance to most people, so what steps can the ordinary consumer take to help ensure that they receive high quality laser eye surgery?

How to find high quality laser eye surgery

It’s vitally important that the laser eye surgery provider you choose provides a level of care, service, experience and professionalism that gives you total comfort and confidence in your choice. You want to feel that you have chosen the high quality laser eye surgery provider that is perfectly suited to your needs.
In order to assure yourself that you’re investing in high quality laser eye surgery, make sure that you’re satisfied with the following aspects of the process:

The price
Cheaper does not always mean inferior. The high street laser eye surgery providers are able to offer lower prices because they are designed to deal with high numbers of patients with easily corrected sight defects. They also need to remain competitive. Whilst there is no question of safety being compromised, for anything other than a common, low-prescription vision problem you might wish to consider other options in your search for high quality laser surgery.

The surgeon
First and foremost your surgeon must be registered with the Royal College of Ophthalmologists. In order to satisfy yourself that you will receive high quality laser surgery from your surgeon, ask how many times they have performed the particular procedure you require, what the success rate is and also if you can speak to, or see testimonials from, former patients.

The level of care provided

High quality laser surgery should go hand-in-hand with high quality care both before the laser eye surgery, when you should receive thorough consultation about your eye condition, how it is to be treated and what to expect, to post-operation aftercare. How many follow-up check-ups will be made? Will you be supplied with any necessary medications? What support is in place in the event of complications? Make sure that you’re happy with the level of care you’ll be receiving.

The equipment
Does your chosen practitioner own the very latest in high quality laser surgery technology, such as Wavefront LASIK equipment. Or are you happy to accept older but more tried and trusted equipment, with which the surgeon may be proven to have greater experience and success?
High quality laser surgery is a subjective concept. The most important point to remember is that you should do the best to look after your eyes and eyesight, but using the guidelines above should help you to find the high quality laser surgery that’s right for you.