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“Are you worried about how long the effects of your laser eye surgery will last? Find out the answer in this brief but comprehensive article.”


Are The Results Of Laser Eye Surgery Permanent?

Yes, Laser eye surgery is a life-changing procedure which permanently improves vision for patients. However, your eyes will change over time and it’s these changes that will affect how long your laser eye surgery will last.

Here’s the good news:

the good news

During the LASIK and LASEK procedures, the excimer laser permanently removes tissue from the layers of the cornea. This changes the shape of the eye which results in clearer vision without the need for glasses or contact lenses. If you have a stable prescription- a standard requirement for laser eye surgery – your vision should not deteriorate any quicker than the usual effects of aging.

While the procedure only takes 10 minutes per eye the surgery lasts a lifetime. The treatment isn’t painful and surgery should only take an afternoon. You can read more here

Who Are The Likely Candidates For Regression?

In less than 5% of cases, there is the chance that enhancement surgery may be required. These are usually limited to the following groups:

  • People with a high prescripton -5.00d or higher
  • People who are long sighted
  • People over the age of 40

If you fit into either category above, make sure to speak to your surgeon about the possibility of regression. One thing you should remember is that if your vision does regress, it will not be to the extent of your pre-surgery prescription. Hence, if your pre-surgery prescription was -4.00, your vision could regress to -1.00.

During a consultation your an optometrist will look at your prescription to get an understanding of the risk of regression or less than optimal results. Where LASIK or LASEK would give less than optimal results you may be offered RLE which could offer more stable vision for a longer time period.

I’ve heard that my vision might get worse after laser eye surgery. Is that true?

No, laser eye surgery will permanently improve your vision. However, your eyes are still susceptible to the to the natural effects of aging such as:

  • Prespyopia – A condition that affects close-up vision. This is treated with reading glasses.
  • Catatact – A condition where the lens of the eye becomes cloudy. The lens is removed and replaced with an artificial lens.

These common conditions occur whether you have had laser eye surgery or not. Laser eye surgery will not cause any further complications when treating either of these conditions.

Can I have Laser Eye Surgery more than once?

It is possible to perform a LASEK or LASEK treatment more than once but with 95% of patients receiving stable vision for life it’s unlikely you would require further treatment.

If you do require a further treatment you will need a stable cornea following your first surgery. This is something that an optometrist can diagnose at a consultation.

Whether you’re a likely candidate for regression or not, check if your clinic offers retreatment or enhancement surgery as part of its aftercare service. There are many clinics that now offer 12 month and lifetime guarantees.