I have a strong aversion to surgical procedures, especially those which use local anaesthetics! I do want to have laser eye treatment for my poor eyesight though, so I’m wondering if it’s something I can endure. I know I can if it doesn’t take too long! How long does this procedure normally take?


Laser eye surgery is extremely quick. The actual length of time that each eye will be subjected to the Excimer laser (the laser which reshapes the corneal tissue to correct visual impairment) is between 15 and 40 seconds.

If you opt for bladeless laser eye surgery, you will first be subjected to a Femtosecond laser which is used to create a corneal flap. This process takes around 15 seconds per eye.

Although the actual ‘lasering’ aspect takes fewer than sixty seconds per eye, the entire laser eye surgery process can take around thirty minutes per eye in total, including the time during which a restraint is placed over the eye to prevent blinking and a local anaesthetic (provided as eye drops, not as an injection) is applied.

After the surgery has been completed the eye must be rested for a period of around thirty minutes, after which it will be examined to ensure that everything is okay and the patient can go home. Note that each eye is operated upon separately, but in almost all cases both eyes may be operated upon in the same day.

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