I’ve been told by many people that I could get rid of my short-sightedness by having laser eye surgery done. My main worry is that it will turn out to be too painful for me to endure! Is there a basis for my fear?


No, laser eye surgery isn’t painful. Most patients report that the process is painless and at worst, only experience a mild discomfort when a restraint is fitted to the eye in order to prevent blinking and a gentle suction cup is applied over the cornea.

Prior to laser eye surgery a local anaesthetic is applied in the form of eye drops. Many patients feel that the nervous anticipation is the worst part of their experience. Fears that the laser can be felt ‘burning’ the eye are unfounded. In fact most patients are unaware that the laser is operational if not for the fact that they are staring at a bright red dot.

Whilst the idea of invasive surgery of the eye might make us squeamish, the reality is that remaining calm is the best way to approach laser eye surgery and that the qualified surgeons and eye care specialists are there to ensure that the procedure is both trauma-free and painless.

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