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“Is laser eye surgery safe? We give you the facts and statistics, along with what you need to do to make sure that your laser eye surgery proceeds as smoothly and safely as possible.”


Are you thinking of undergoing laser eye surgery but are unsure about its safety? We at Eye Surgery Compare can assure you that laser eye surgery is indeed a safe procedure.

Read on to find out how we know this.

The Experts Say So

According to the Royal College of Opthalmologists (the professional body that governs eye doctors, including laser eye surgeons), safety in laser eye surgery has vastly improved over the last ten years. Surgical procedures are now more accurate and laser eye surgeons are better able to assess their patients’ suitability for treatment.

The Statistics Say So

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Complications Are Normally Temporary Or Can Be Corrected

What exactly are these complications we’re talking about?

  • Dry eyes are among the most common problems. There are some patients who suffer from dry eyes post-operatively. This is normally a short-term problem and can be remedied with eye drops.
  • Night vision problems, which include seeing halos and glare when driving at night, are rarely severe and often temporary. The best laser eye surgery clinics in the UK have the technology to find out whether you have a high risk of getting this complication.
  • Corneal ectasia occurs when the cornea gets too weak after surgery. This is normally due to too much tissue being removed. This is a serious condition that could lead to loss of vision, and the most drastic remedy is corneal transplant. Fortunately, ectasia is very rare, as are other corneal flap-related complications.

Knowledge Is Your Weapon

The best thing to do as a laser eye surgery patient is to arm yourself with a lot of knowledge—not just about the procedure you’re about to undergo, but about your surgeon as well.

As top British eye surgeon Professor Dan Reinstein said, ‘Flying a Boeing 747 is safe, as long as you have a good pilot, and it’s the same with refractive eye surgery.’

Your Checklist For Safety

Here are the things you need to do to ensure that your laser eye surgery is safe:

1. Know your eye condition and the corrective treatment options for it.
You might find out that laser surgery is not the best option for you, so consider the pros and cons of every option.

2. Find out what the risks of laser eye surgery are in your individual case.
This is something you should discuss with your surgeon. Be sure to tell your surgeon about your medical conditions, your work and lifestyle so you can work out together if the benefits of the procedure you’ll undergo will outweigh the risks associated with it.

3. Make sure that you can trust your surgeon.
The Royal College of Ophthalmologists lists five very important things you should find out:


Laser eye surgery could do wonders for you—many patients have spoken about how having normal vision has changed their lives for the better. It’s a procedure that should have a positive effect on your life and the best way for you to ensure this is to do your research diligently before you commit to it.