Whilst it is certainly true that recovery times from LASEK (Laser epithelial keratomileusis) eye surgery are longer than those of LASIK surgery, this newer and somewhat less risky form of eye surgery does have some advantages; but for the purposes of practicality it is necessary to be aware of the potential disadvantages if only to be prepared for any practical issues which may be relevant to you. The recovery times for LASEK eye surgery can vary; the usual time for an uncomplicated recovery is normally expected to be between one and two weeks. Some patients report feeling as though there is an irritant in their eye after LASEK eye surgery and this sensation can last up to two days, it is also true that LASEK surgery can be more painful than LASIK and that as part of after-care, it is necessary to wear a “bandage contact lens” to protect the surface of the eye from the inside of the eyelid to keep it from irritation and allow for healing. Whilst this could be off-putting for some people, it should also be remembered that this is a very important safeguarding technique and the bandage contact lens need only be worn for around three days after surgery.

What Happens After LASEK Laser Eye Surgery?

After surgery it is usual to feel woozy or disorientated, although pain should not be immediately felt as your eye will have been numbed beforehand. It is always recommended that a friend or relative be on hand to assist you to travel home and to stay with you for some time until you feel that you may manage without help. You will be expected to administer eye drops for some time after surgery and this will aid the eye’s recovery and also safe-guard the eye from infection.

When Will My Eyes Feel Normal Again?

LASEK eye surgery will take up to a year to fully recover from, the recovery process is a gradual one and some after-effects can include a temporary reduction in clarity of vision when in bad lighting, dry eyes and unclear vision which disappears after around 9 months. Dry eyes may be helped by the application of moisturising eye drops which will usually be prescribed as part of an after-care programme and go a long way towards assisting recovery. After LASEK surgery, it will be necessary to have some check-ups to ensure that the healing process is underway. Most patients report that all after-effects are completely gone within a year.