The London Vision Clinic is a laser eye surgery centre, based in the world-famous Harley Street, London. Consistently rated as a centre of excellence, the clinic specialises in a range of laser vision correction treatments.

Providing treatment for high profile members of the sports and entertainment industry, the London Vision Clinic also attracts some of the world’s most highly trained specialist laser eye surgeons. As a result, both individual patient results and the laser eye surgery research produced by the clinic are world renowned.

Treatments and Services

The clinic boasts a rigorous pre-surgery screening assessment for patients which is estimated to last approximately two to three times longer than those provided by other laser eye clinics. This allows the clinic to design personal treatment plans on a patient by patient basis, ensuring specific needs are accounted for and met.

One of the most common forms of laser eye surgery offered by the clinic is LASIK. With approximately 90% of patients suitable for this form of surgery, the procedure involves the removal of a specific amount of corneal tissue, with the eye healing within a matter of hours. Indeed, the recovery times associated with LASIK are one of the primary benefits of this type of treatment, with patients typically able to return to their normal everyday routine within two to three days.

The other most popular form of treatment is PRK/LASEK (both being very similar variations of a specific laser eye surgery procedure). The clinic typically carries out this treatment in patients deemed unsuitable for LASIK (such as those with particularly thin or flat corneas).

In PRK/LASEK, having removed its epithelium (outer skin), the exposed cornea is then reshaped through the use of a laser. Compared to LASIK, the patient’s recovery time is significantly greater, ranging from approximately six weeks to three months for a complete return to a normal routine. The reshaping of the cornea may also lead to greater discomfort following treatment.

Following successful completion of the specific surgical procedure, the clinic ensures patient access to a comprehensive aftercare system. This enables continued assessment as to the effectiveness of treatment, along with any medical assistance which may be required during a patient’s recovery, such as eye drops.


The London Vision Clinic plays host to a number of highly trained medical service providers, patient care co-ordinators, and nursing and research staff. The calibre of their staff remains a major factor in the clinic’s international reputation, with the majority of the clinic’s surgical team internationally recognised for their expertise.

One of the most distinguished members of the clinic’s surgical team is Professor Dan Reinstein, a world-renowned consultant ophthalmic surgeon who, for over a decade, has specialised solely in laser eye surgery. As well as founding the London Vision Clinic in 2002, one of Professor Reinstein’s many major achievements was the development of the prototype form of the Artemis scanner, the world’s most accurate corneal scanner.

Another distinguished member of staff is Glenn Carp. Regarded as one of the world’s most highly trained LASIK surgeons, Mr Carp has extensive medical experience in laser eye surgery, and was personally appointed by Professor Reinstein to be the clinic’s second surgical team member.

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