As a renowned centre of excellence and pioneer in all areas of ophthalmology, the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital (MREH) is one the largest teaching hospitals of its kind in Europe.

The hospital serves not only the people of Greater Manchester but those from far beyond, offering a large range of treatments, both simple and complex, to adults and children alike.

In 2009, the hospital moved into a new two-story building with state of the art facilities and the latest diagnostic and surgical equipment available. The new hospital facility provides twenty-four examination rooms, five laser eye surgery rooms, two ultrasound rooms, a small nine-bed ward and a small day-case unit.

Services and Facilities

As a large, specialist teaching hospital, the MREH offers a wide range of patient services and facilities which include:

    – Centre for Vision – a private patient facility for laser eye surgery.

    – Electrodiagnosis – a comprehensive range of objective tests on the function, structure and performance of the eye.

    – Emergency Eye Care Centre.

    – Facial Function Clinic – treatment for patients with a facial palsy.

    – Manchester Eye Bank – forming part of the Corneal Transplant Service.

    – Ocular Prosthetics – the designing, making and fitting of an ocular prosthesis.

    – Ophthalmic Dispensing – an in-house dispensary for spectacles and other specialist eye-wear.

    – Ophthalmic Imaging – a number of imaging methods used in the treatment and diagnosis of eye problems.

    – Optometry – a collection of services for testing and assessing eye disorders.

    – Orthoptics – investigating strabismus (eye position), eye movement and binocular vision (eyes working as a pair).

    – Retinal Laser Unit.

    – Theatres – conducting surgical procedures for both adults and children.

    – Ultrasound Unit – ophthalmic diagnostic service using ultrasonography.

    – Visual Fields – visual field (perimetry) testing.

    – Ward 55 – a facility for patients awaiting or recovering from surgery, together with six single rooms for isolation purposes.

    – Withington Cataract Centre – an off-site facility specialising in the diagnosis and treatment of cataracts.

Clinical Consultants

The consultant eye surgeons at the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital provide a wealth of accumulated knowledge and expertise in all fields of ophthalmology. They have all made contributions to research, development and the introduction of new techniques.

Of particular note is the work done by Professor Paulo Stanga, who has published prolifically and specialises in a number of areas including diabetic retinopathy and maculopathy. Another notable specialist is Professor Paul Bishop who has also published prolifically in his area of specialist interest, medical retinal disease, in addition to being a world authority on the vitreous humour.

Research And Innovation

As a globally renowned pioneer in a number of ophthalmic fields, the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital, in collaboration with the Manchester Biomedical Research Centre, has a thriving programme of research and innovation which includes:

    – Glaucoma, glaucoma therapeutics, imaging and perimetry.
    – Multidisciplinary clinical vision sciences.
    – Academic ophthalmic nursing.
    – Electrophysiology and optometry .
    – A vision science laboratory-based research group with interests in corneal graft rejection and other aspects of corneal immunity.

Contact Details

Address: Manchester Royal Eye Hospital, Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9WL
Tel: 0161 276 1234 Fax: 0161 276 5642
Email: webmaster@cmft.nhs.uk

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