With eye surgery clinics located across the UK and internationally, Optegra offer a comprehensive range of eye treatments performed by specialised surgeons using the latest technology.

Hospitals are widely spread across the United Kingdom making surgery accessible to many around London, Birmingham, Manchester, Solent, Surrey and Yorkshire, while outreach clinics are located in Wilmslow, Cheshire, Leeds and Maidenhead.

What Do They Treat?

Eye conditions Optegra are able to assess and treat are:

    – Cataracts
    – Age-related macular degeneration (AMD)
    – Inner and outer eye
    – Diabetic retinopathy
    – Floaters
    – Retinal conditions
    – Keratoconus (through corneal cross-linking)
    – Glaucoma
    – Other eye conditions like blepharospasm, dry eye syndrome and pterygium

Treatments Optegra Offer

To assist with the above eye conditions, Optegra offer various treatments, solutions and surgeries. They also provide a free extensive initial consultation with most procedures.

Laser Eye Surgery

Using Wavelight and Schwind 500HZ Excimer lasers for accuracy and to help minimise recovery times, Optegra offer LASIK and LASEK procedures. These are suitable for patients who are long-sighted (hyperopia), short-sighted (myopia) or have an astigmatism. The cost for this procedure is £1,995 per eye.


Used to permanently replace the eye’s natural lens with an IOL (intraocular lens), this procedure is suitable for patients with cataracts, astigmatisms, presbyopia, myopia and hyperopia. Clarivu costs £3,495 per eye.

Cataract Surgery

The surgeon makes a tiny incision on the surface of the eye, uses ultrasound to break up the cloudiness and replaces the lens with a permanent synthetic one. An initial consultation will cost £195 and treatment costs (per eye) stand at £2,495 for monofocal lens, £2,995 for LENSAR treatment (available in London only) or the Clarivu procedure at £3,495.


This procedure may be used for patients with severe retinopathy resulting from diabetes. Bleeding into the eye, which occurs with the condition, is surgically removed and laser treatment applied to prevent further bleeding occurring. An initial comprehensive consultation will cost £195 and treatments costs from £2,725 per eye.

Anti-VEGF injections using Lucentis or Novartis

Used for patients with wet macular degeneration and severe retinopathy, injections are administered into the eye which stop blood vessels forming and leaking into the macular. This can cost around £1,775 per treatment.


For end-stage patients with age-related macular degeneration (AMD), a tiny telescope can be implanted into an eye. This will give one eye central vision and the other peripheral meaning the patient has improved sight. This treatment costs £19,950.

Treatments for inner and outer eyes can be performed and will cost from £500 depending on the exact condition. General treatments include those for hooded eyelids, watering eye, and cyst or blemish removal.


As procedures can sometimes carry an unaffordable price tag, Optegra provide an interest-free finance option over 12 months, or an interest-based option for repayments made over 24 months.

Consultants and Clinics

When entering into any form of surgery or procedure, it is imperative that patients meet and discuss options with a consultant. As well as providing you with extensive information about which procedure is most suitable for your individual requirements, a full examination and consultation lasting approximately 90 minutes will be undertaken.

Each Optegra clinic across the UK has a comprehensive team of specialised consultants. Amongst them are:

Professor Bloom is the Lead Clinician/Service Director who runs the glaucoma and cataract service in London. He specializes in glaucoma, cataract and anterior segment surgery and is a member of numerous ophthalmic societies.

Mr Mark Wevill is consultant ophthalmologist at Optegra’s Birmingham clinic. He specialises in laser eye surgery, cataract and intraocular lens surgery. Since 1991, he has performed over 20,000 laser surgeries and more than 6,000 cataract and intraocular procedures.

At the Manchester clinic, Mr Felipe Dhawahir-Scala is a consultant ophthalmic and vitreoretinal surgeon. He has a wide range of expertise, particularly in surgery and disorders relating to the back segment of the eye.

Specialising in laser vision correction, cataract and corneal surgery, Mr David Anderson provides the Solent clinic with his expertise, including treatments using LASIK and Wavefront alongside corneal disease transplant surgery.

Mr Sundeep Kheterpal is a consultant ophthalmic surgeon based in Surrey. He has vast experience with some of the most advanced refractive lasers in the world including Bausch and Lomb, Visex and Wavelight Allegrato.

In Yorkshire, Mr Oliver Backhouse specialises in euro-ophthalmology, uveitis, cataract, refractive surgery and Clarivu. He has an extensive knowledge of eye surgery and has published 30 papers in his line of work.

A Final Word of Advice

Medical procedures all have their risks and complications. Always ensure consultants have answered all your questions, given a cost breakdown and that an aftercare plan is provided.

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