Beginning with a single store in Leith, Scotland in 1991 the Optical Express Group has pursued a relentless programme of acquisition and expansion to become one of the high street’s three best known providers of laser eye surgery. The company’s Vision Statement is to be the world’s leading elective healthcare provider through the use of the most advanced technologies and the employment of the most skilled professionals.

For Optical Express laser eye surgery appears to be the perfect field in which to demonstrate its commitment to this vision. Arguably there is some justification in Optical Express’s claim to be the UK’s number one provider of laser eye surgery. They have invested more than one million pounds in each of their 230 laser clinics worldwide to provide the most technologically advanced laser eye surgery solutions including state-of-the-art implementations of the LASIK, LASEK, Wavefront and Intralase laser eye surgery technologies which between them can offer corrective surgery for the widest range of visual impairments including long- and short-sightedness and astigmatism.

Optical Express Surgeons

In addition to providing the very latest equipment, Optical Express can boast laser eye surgeons that are both highly experienced and fully qualified. Every surgeon employed in the UK by Optical Express is registered with the General Medical Council, is a Fellow of The Royal College of Surgeons and is a Fellow or member of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists. For prospective patients seeking laser eye surgery in the UK, confirming that the surgeon who will carry out the procedure has attained these qualifications and accreditations is a vital step toward ensuring the safety and likely success of the surgery. In terms of professional experience, Optical Express states on its website that its surgeons have cumulatively performed more than one million laser eye surgery procedures between them.

Free Consultations

Patients considering Optical Express as their laser eye surgery provider can obtain a free and thorough consultation during which an experienced optometrist will perform a battery of eye tests in order to determine the nature and degree of your visual impairment, whether or not you are a suitable candidate for laser eye surgery and, if you are, which surgical procedure will be the most beneficial in your particular circumstances. This consultation, which lasts around two hours, is your best opportunity to ask Optical Express’s optometrist all of the questions that you’d like answered before you commit to laser eye surgery; it’s a good idea to jot down as many of these questions as you can think of in advance. If you are a suitable case for laser eye surgery Optical Express will brief you fully on what to expect well in advance of the surgery itself. According to Optical Express’s own data, 99% of their laser eye surgery patients regain 20/20 vision and many of the patients themselves testify that the procedure is quick (it can take fewer than sixty seconds per eye, depending upon the degree of correction required) and painless and wish that they had opted for laser eye surgery earlier in their life!


Optical Express laser eye surgery is comparable in price to its high street competitors with the price for treatment per eye starting at just below four hundred pounds, and interest-free finance is available to help ensure that costs remain manageable.