Most people would agree that their eyesight is one of their most precious gifts, and is not something that they would want to take unnecessary risks with. For that reason, many of the people who consider laser eye surgery as an alternative to wearing spectacles or contact lenses feel that private laser surgery treatment costs are justified.
In the two decades since laser eye surgery first appeared, the technology used has developed significantly and laser eye treatments are now routinely recommended to correct a range of common visual impairments. The ease and speed with which eyesight can be corrected by relatively painless laser eye surgery has resulted in the emergence of a competitive market for laser eye treatment.

Given that there are a number of established and well known ‘brands’ of high street laser eye surgery providers, each of which offers competitively priced treatment (and in some cases regular promotional incentives), it is worth considering whether higher private laser eye surgery treatment costs really can be justified when compared with the ‘budget’ costs of the mass market laser eye surgery providers.

Why do private laser eye surgery treatment costs seem higher?

As with many areas of modern business, when it comes to the provision of laser eye surgery treatments, economies of scale apply. The high-street laser eye surgery providers are able to treat a greater percentage of customers who share common and easily rectified problems with their eyesight. It is not that they compromise on safety or aftercare; it is simply the case that the nationally-branded laser eye treatment providers are well-equipped to deal with straightforward cases of corrective laser eye surgery on a large scale and can price their services accordingly.

By contrast, private laser eye surgery treatment costs reflect the fact that a wider and more complicated range of eye conditions can be assessed and treated. Treating fewer patients means that a greater emphasis can be placed on individual patient care and, frequently, private laser surgery clinics employ surgeons who are trained and skilled in the latest laser eye treatment techniques. Furthermore, private laser eye surgery treatment costs are generally inclusive and cover initial consultation, laser eye surgery, extensive aftercare and in the unlikely case that it is required, further remedial surgery.

Are private laser eye surgery treatment costs worth paying?

Ranging anywhere between £500 and £4,000 per eye for treatment, private laser surgery treatments costs are considerably higher than those charged by the average high street laser eye surgery clinic. However, if private laser eye surgery is the only option available to treat your particular eye condition, or you feel that you need the reassurance of the level of service, individual attention, care and expertise that paying private laser eye surgery treatment costs will bring you, then you will already have realised that the value of your eyesight cannot be measured in financial terms alone.