The Duchy Hospital opened in 1981 at Treliske, near Truro, and is Cornwall’s only private hospital. The hospital delivers a wide range of treatments and services. It is one of twenty-two private hospitals owned by Ramsay Health Care UK, one of the leading providers of private healthcare in England.

The hospital receives and treats patients who are medically insured, self-pay or referred from the NHS.


The hospital is equipped with thirty-three single inpatient rooms and two double rooms, with each room having its own TV, radio and direct dial telephone. There are eleven outpatient consulting rooms and a treatment room for minor procedures. There are also three ultra-clean air theatres, as well as a smaller day case theatre with endoscopy facilities. For those patients requiring close monitoring, there is a two-bed high dependency unit.

Clinical Specialities and Consultants

The hospital provides clinical support for a comprehensive range of fifty-seven clinical specialties and employs some one hundred and forty-four consultants. The specialties are quite wide-ranging and include orthopaedics, ophthalmology, gynaecology, radiology and urology to name but a few.

The consultants employed at the Duchy hospital have a wealth of clinical experience and expertise. Of particular note is the work of Mr. Nicholas Wilson Holt with his specialist interest of macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy, trauma and cataract surgery.
Additionally, Mr. Sivaraman Kumar, the hospital’s consultant ophthalmologist, specialises in eye problems such as keyhole cataract operations and corneal transplants.

Laser Eye Surgery

The Duchy Hospital uses laser assisted in-situ keratomileusis (LASIK) technology for its preferred vision correction treatment of eye disorders.

What is LASIK?

LASIK surgery aims to reduce the patent’s dependency on glasses and contact lenses by re-shaping the cornea. This is achieved by the combined use of microsurgery and a Eximer laser, and is a procedure that has been performed worldwide for almost eighteen years.

LASIK is an outpatient procedure which involves the use of topical anaesthetic drops applied to the eye. It differs from other types of laser eye surgery (e.g. LASEK and PRK) in that it provides:

    – Rapid vision restoration
    – Predictable outcome
    – Minimal discomfort
    – Minimal eye drop requirement
    – Haze free vision
    – Vision stabilisation
    – A wide range of correctable prescriptions
    – Treatment for astigmatism

LASIK Patient Prerequisites

A patient may be recommended for laser eye surgery assuming the following conditions are met:

    – Has realistic expectations
    – Has eyes with no disease
    – Is in good general health
    – Has eyes within the range of correction
    – Is over 21 years old with a stable prescription

Is LASIK successful?

This particular type of treatment has proved itself and is today the most commonly performed procedure for refractive error correction. It is claimed that 95% of patients with moderate myopia will achieve 6/12 vision.

Risks of Laser Eye Surgery

As with all types of surgery, there is a small element of risk, both during and after the operation. Studies have calculated this to be at 2% intra and 3-5% post-operative. The level of severe complications is less than 1%.

Scientific research on patients treated in the 1980’s reports no long-term effect from the treatment.

Cost of Laser Eye Surgery

Although no actual cost breakdown for the treatment is given, The Duchy maintain that all treatments are competitively priced and offer the initial consultation for free.

Other Hospital Treatments

A wide range of specialised treatments and services across all clinical specialties are offered to patients, including:

    – Cosmetic dentistry
    – Health screening for male and female patients
    – Physiotherapy
    – Cosmetic surgery
    – Weight loss (Bariatric) surgery
    – Non-surgical cosmetic treatments

Private Patients – Premium Care

For those self-paying or appropriately medically insured patients, the Duchy offers additional and exclusive benefits including fast track admission, priority discharge, flexible appointments, a la carte menu and single en-suite rooms.

Contact Details

Duchy Hospital
Penventinnie Lane

Tel: 0800 917 0022 Fax: 01872 226118
Email: duchy.enquiries@ramsayhealth.co.uk
Website: www.duchyhospital.co.uk

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