As with any surgical procedure, laser eye surgery does carry some risks along with the benefits which patients enjoy after undergoing the procedure. Laser eye surgery is constantly undergoing change and development as it becomes more prevalent in sufferers of eye problems. The care in most clinics is excellent and all efforts are made to ensure the safety of patients but it should be remembered that however small the risks it is important that they are fully understood. The best way to safeguard yourself is to discuss your operation in detail with your surgeon prior to undergoing treatment. But some of the most common risks are as follows.

What to Expect

Directly after surgery, a patient may be aware of a sensation which is similar to that of dust or a foreign object in the eye and this is a normal side-effect as is some dryness of the eye. However in some cases this dryness can continue and the patient may need to use moisturising eye drops on a regular basis. Other risks of laser eye surgery can include poor night vision and bursts of light; these are more common amongst patients who are near sighted or who have strong prescriptions, these effects can in small minority of patients, be permanent and can sometimes affect night driving.

What can go Wrong?

In rarer cases a patient can be affected by problems related to their eyes healing differently. This can lead to an imbalance in sight; other risks include refractive problems stemming from one eye or the other receiving too much or too little correction and some patients may suffer from a regression or deterioration of the eye or eyes which have been corrected; in these cases it is often possible to operate for a second time and to correct the regression as long as the cornea will allow it having already been surgically altered. One of the major risks with LASIK surgery is related to the construction of a corneal flap; successfully creating a corneal flap which is of adequate size and thickness is very important to any surgery and in some rare cases, there can be problems related to the procedure

As with any surgery there is a risk of damage occurring which could potentially damage the eyesight further than it’s pre-operative state. However these are relatively rare; it is important to discuss all potential risks with your doctor or surgeon in order that you may have as much confidence about your laser eye surgery as possible.