I know someone who has chosen to have laser eye surgery done in Poland because it costs less to have it done there. Do you know which country offers laser eye surgery at the cheapest rate?


Cost alone should not be the determining factor of your choice of laser eye surgery provider. Anecdotal evidence suggests that European countries such as Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Latvia, Estonia and Belarus can all provide laser eye surgery for anything up to 20% less than the cost per eye for UK providers, and that laser eye surgery in Canada, Asia and South Africa is also less expensive.

However, before you decide on whether to have laser eye surgery done in another country, you need to weigh up your initial cost savings against the qualifications and professionalism of the laser eye surgeons, success rate of the clinic, age and condition of the laser equipment used and availability and quality of aftercare. Many UK providers offer a ‘lifetime aftercare’ service as part of their pricing structure which allows patients to receive help, advice and further treatment, if necessary, at any time after their laser eye surgery has been carried out.

Before deciding that laser eye surgery is cheaper or more cost-effective in another country, make sure that you make your comparisons on a true like-for-like basis, and that returning to the country where you plan to have your surgery done is practical and viable in the event of aftercare being required.

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