I have noticed that there are quite a few laser eye surgery clinics in London. Can you give any advice on how to choose the best one for me?


The best laser eye surgery london

There’s no straightforward answer to this as you’ll have to consider quite a few things in order to choose the best clinic that will suit your surgical needs.

Finding the best laser eye clinics in London

Make sure that the surgeon who will perform the procedure on you  is a member or fellow of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists or a fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons. Try and get hold of verifiable statistics as to the number of laser eye operations they have performed and their success rate, particularly with patients who have eye prescriptions similar to your own. Ensure that you will be happy with the level of care and aftercare provided and ask for testimonials and contact details from current patients.

Harley street laser eye surgery

A number of reputable clinics can be found on Harley street in central London. Harley street has become synonomous with private medical excellence since the 19th Century and a number of top laser eye clinics can be found in the area. Many professional sports people, actors and celebrities have sought vision correction at practices in the area due to it’s reputation for providing the best service in London.

harley street laser eye surgery

Some of the best clinics found in Harley street are:

Laser eye surgery in London Reviews

A great way of finding the best clinics in a particular area is to read user reviews and testimonials. Reviews will give you an insight both the procedure and how it may work but also how the patient was made to feel. The best clinics should put the patient first at all times and this will be reflected in the reviews left by the patient.

Candidates for the best laser eye surgery provider in London are:

  • London Vision Clinic which claims to lead the field in surgeon training, research, patient care and results
  • The world-famous Moorfields Eye Hospital and its division for private patients
  • Ultralase, which was London’s first private laser eye surgery clinic
  • Focus Clinic, also on Harley Street, which boasts of state-of-the-art technology and a 100% success rate

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